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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Box contains the following Elmira images: aerial views of the city, October 10, 1997; aerial view of Lake Street Bridge and Erie Railroad Bridge; aerial view of Grand Central Ave in Elmira Heights, ca. 1990s; West Elmira Demarest Parkway, 1950s; aerial view of the Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital; aerial view of upper Lake St. north of Brick Pond near Joycrest Roller Rink; 3 people in an orchard, circa 1890; aerial view of Strathont; Adventists' meeting between West Gray & West Church streets at Gunnip Ave; view from Newtown Towers looking Northwest; St. Joseph's Hospital & St. Peter and Paul's Church; view looking towards Newtown Towers, 1972; Eastside Elmira, 1970; view from Newtown Towers looking west, 1971; Madison Ave looking Northwest towards County Buildings; Madison Ave bridge looking south, 1971; view from East Hill looking towards Thatcher Glass smoke stacks; St. Joseph's Hospital, 1964; Fitch's Bridge, 1957; Night view of Elmira; aerial view of Elmira College construction, 1965; view from Gleason Sanitorium Observatory, 1890; buildings between downtown Sears building and the new Woolworth, 1947; lithograph of Elmira, 1882; West Elmira & Strathmont; aerial view showing Railroad bridge, Hygia plant, circa 1946; intersection of W. Water, W. Church and Coleman Ave, 1950; from Mt. Zoar, ca. 1950s.Photographs20
Box contains the following Elmira images: Line drawings of downtown Elmia; Gray St. parking garage; construction in the center of town; River Front Park, 1998; Elmira Savings Bank (corner of Lake & Water), 1998; Clemens Center Parkway, 1998; St. Joseph Hospital; engraving of Elmira, 1862; drawing of the Junction Canal, 1862; Chemung Canal Bank (Water St. between Baldwin and Clemens Center Parkway), 1998; aerial lithograph of Elmira, 1878; view from East Hill, 1849 & 1862; view from Newtown Towers looking north, 1971; aerial view towards Jerusalem Hill; aerial view of downtown Elmira with City Hall, Armoty and Federation Building, 1963; aerial view of Elmira looking east towards St. Joesph's Hospital, 1963; Foster's Pond; aerial view of Main St. & Park Avenue; Erie Railroad tracks and Church Street, 1941.Photographs20
Box contains the following images: Railroad bridges on the Chemung River including Gibson, Chemung, East Corning, South Corning Road, Fitch's Bridge, Walnut St., Madison Ave., Esty St., Dunn Field, 1925; Elmira, Corning & Waverly railroad bridge, 1925; New York Central railroad bridge, 1925; railroad bridge with Hygeia plant in background, 1925; Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railraod bridge, 1925; storage dam in Chemung River, 1925.Photographs21
Folder contains the following images of Fitch's Bridge: misc. views of the original bridge, 1900-1920s; waterslide, ca. 1900; boat landing, 1898; Neptune Beach/ Kit Kat Klub, 1935; Fitch's bridge, 1972; replacement bailey bridge, fall 1972; old supports beside the new bridge, 1975. Photographs22A
Folder contains images of Lake Street Bridge: 1880 south view of bridge showing Pamer and Decker Tannery; and 1902 flooding under bridge; the first Lake Street bridge;1905-6 pilings,1890-1900 construction of first steel bridge; old wooden bridge; 1890 north end of bridge after the Barker, Rose, Daunce & Co. fire; north end NY State Electric and Gas building, across river, F. M. Howell & Co.; line drawing of 1853 bridge, also newspaper clippng; 1960-61 construction; sketch of bridge as a toll bridge 1824-1848, businesses noted on both side of river.Photographs22B
This folder contains images of Swartwood bridges: 1873 Elmira, Cortland & Utica RR bridge crossing the deep gorge in Erin, NY; late 1900's closed Swartwood road bridge between 223 and 224Photographs22C
This folder contains images of Wells Bridge, Big FlatsPhotographs22D
This folder contains images of the Walnut St., and Rorick's Glenn bridges: 1973 construction of Walnut St. bridge; Views of Walnut Street dated 1879, 1904, 1911, 1922, 1933, 1935, 1999, 2000; ice wagon on Walnut St. bridge; dedication of Walnut St. bridge 1974, Rev. and Mrs. John Geldmacher, Joseph Santori, Assemblyman Richard Marshall, Mayor Richard C.Loll. Rorick's Glenn foot bridge, 1902; 1946 Bailey bridge, Coumty Historian Clark Wilcox. Mrs. Frence Brayton, Mrs. Austin; Boy Scout Troop crossing Bailey Bridge.Photographs22 E
This folder contains images of the Erie Railroad Bridge and the Main Street Bridge: Erie, temporary, 1933; Erie 1889 flood; 1917 Main St bridge design; Turner building ot end of Main Street bridge; 1918 trolley and Main Street bridge; People on roof of the Alice Francis Hotel at corner of Main and Water.Photographs22F
This folder contains the following photographs of miscellaneous bridges: Dedication of the new Madison Avenue bridge, 1980; aerial view of Lake Street, Erie Railroad,and Main Street, Madison bridges plus the Hygeia Plant, looking east towards the Riverside Power Station, ca. 1920s; Logs floating under the Bulkhead or Pine City/Webb Mills bridge; East and West railroad abutment, Waverly, NY; Fort Reed/Newtown Creek bridge before 1929, 1940's; Madison Avenue; Covered bridge over Susguehanna, Athens, PA.; Wellsburg-Lowman Cross Over bridge, 1973; Bently Creek railroad bridge, Wellsburg ; railroad viaduct, town of Chemung, 1906; 9 mile bridge NY Route 17; old and new Washington Avenue, plus approaches to bridge, 1987; old abutment for road bridge over railroad and old canal plus new bridge in Big Flats, 2002; covered bridge on Breesport Rd., 1980; unkown covered bridge; (2) Big Flats bridge, 1911; footbridge going from Beckwith Farm over to island in Chemung River, the Greer and Beam Families on bridge, town of Southport, 1900.Photograph22G
Folder contains the following images: Chemung Canal with Asaph B. Hall, Daniel Damon, Hugh Webster & Art Keiffer, 1975 (6); spillway of Chemung Canal at East Water & State Street (5); canal spillway, 1860 (2); T. Briggs & Co. Steam Brewery on Canal at 2nd St.; canal boat covered with snow (3); photos of watercolors done by Marjorie Buck of the Chemung Canal, 1954; pencil sketch of Chemung Canal done by Burr M. Hilbert, 1990; Canal basin uncovered on State St. between Water and Market Sts, 1954; sluiceway of old Chemung Canal at foot of State St., 1975; view from Water St. looking north up Canal, 1860; lithograph from East Hill looking west over Junction Canal; Elmira saw manufacturers next to canal; construction of Chemung Canal lock.Photographs23A
Folder contains the following images: mill pond; remains of a Chemung feeder towpath near Big Flats; historical marker for Canal on the corner of State and Water Sts., 1975; spillway at foot of State St. with Richard Weis, Daniel Olszowy and Daniel Damon, 1975; Newtown Creekt, 1930; Canal boats; view from Gibson (Corning) showing Gibson Bridge, circa 1870; closed lock at feeder canal; ink drawing of canal route by Harwood S. Taylor, 1975; canal boats next to factory; Junction Canal at Lackawanna Railroad Station; cellar of Lacy's Office Furniture Store (122 Water St.), 1975; lithograph showing boats with signs for shipping lines; lithograph of scenes on canal; canal spillway; Junction Canal and rolling mill; Canal toll collection building, Hanover Square, Horseheads, 1870. Photographs23B
This folder contains photos of the Elmira College campus: college entrance; interior of college chapel; (15) Cowles Hall; view from College Avenue; Tompkins Hall; Hamilton Library; Alumnae Hall, before and during its demolition, c. 1977; Mark Twain's study; college lake/pond; MacKenzie Cottage; razing of MacKenzie Cottage,corner of College & Washington Aves, 1977; (3)College observatory, 6th & Park Place; Gillett Hall; (2) President's House; (6) Science Hall; aerial view of campus showing block with the Learning Center and the Twin Towers residence hall; McGraw Administration Building; college fountain; Twin Towers; Learning Center, interior & exterior; building of parking lot at 5th & Davis, 2002; new dormitory consturction 2009; Cowles Hall renovations, 2010; The Domes; Meier Hall plaque & dedication, 2010; miscellaneous views of campus.Photographs24A01
This folder contains photos relating to the students and staff of Elmira College: Classes of 1859, 1927, 1932; unidentified Elmira college students, 1880s-90s; Dean Harris; unidentified faculty; actors in unidentifed play; student dorm room, ca. 1890s; Nellie Gray; Cora Thompson, class of 1908; Anstice Harris, 1913; academic procession with Pres. MacKenzie, 1915; (4) college "Farmettes," 1918; (2) College President Dr. Lent with President Howard Taft, 1919; (3) May Day, 1926; May Day, no date; costumed dancers, ca. 1920's; Helen Hayes, class of 1937; plaque of Dr Hamilton, unveiling of his plaque by his daughter, Sally H.Stables; (2) May Day 1926; Class of 1916 25th reunion, 1941; Dr & Mrs Pott, ca. 1940s or 50s; College Trustees, 1950; President Lent with Bainbridge Colby, 1931; Unidentified commencement speaker & President Pott; Centennial speaker Marian Lay, 1955; Mayor Strachen & Gen Douglas MacArthur at award ceremony, 1954; Governor Rockerfeller with students; (2) commencements, no date; Dr Pott with Mr Mandeville; girls at Shoshoquin dig, 1975; Dean Bryan Reddick, 2006; yearbook "Iris" being presented to Mr. Herbert Hoover, 1930 by Miss Sheppard of Montour Falls; inauguration of Dr. Leonard Grant, 1976.Photographs24A02
This folder contains the following oversized photos relating to Elmira College: Class of 1889; students, June 2, 1890; college observatory. Photographs24A03
This folder contains photos relating to rural/country schools: sketches of Christian Hollow, Dry Run & Bird Creek; Carr's Corners; (2) Chemung School; (4) Old Lowman School, c. 1900; (3) Hendy Creek School; (3) Erin School, c. 1907; (2) Langdon Hill School in Erin; (8) Catlin Schools; Wellsburg schoolhouse built 1859; Wellsburg Schoolhouse built 1905; Wellsburg School addition; (2) Wellsburg School, c. 1982; (2)Erin School 50th reunion; Watercure-Sickles Road School; Kahler Road School at Old 17; Southport High School, c. 1900; Southport Corners; West Elmira school on West Water St., various dates; West Hill, c. 1905; vocational school, c. 1910; Wellsburg class, 1909-1910; Chemung students & teachers, 1913; Martha Hicks, Beartown Schol teacher, c.1900; 50th reunion of McConnell District, School #5, c.1897; Millerton School Band; (3) Erin Museum, c. 2005; Students of Dutch Hill, Southport #14 & Southport #1 Schools, ca. 1900; Students of Southport School #14, with students and teacher named, 1923; Students of Miss Sage, 1909; Stickler Town School class of 1920; Students and families of Dutchtown School, Chemung District #13, 1935; Ashland School #2; unidentified schools, staff and students. Photographs2501
This folder contains the following images of local Catholic Schools: St. Mary's School exterior, 1973 & 1983; St. Mary's School classes of 1906 & 1910; St. Patrick's Junior High School exterior, 1986; St. Patrick's School exterior, 1906; St. Patrick's Grade School class of 1918; St. Anthony's Grade School class of 1925; St. Ursula's School of Young Ladies students, ca. 1890s; (2) Lourdes School exterior 1973; Notre Dame High School exterior, 1973.Photographs2502
This folder contains three large B&W photos of the old Pennsylvania Avenue School built in 1895,abandoned in 1961,photos c. 1962.Photographs2503
This folder contains an oversized sepia of an 1890's class at St Ursula's for Young Ladies;oversized B&W of unidentified graduating class,not on back says"Pat's 4th Birthday",Photographs2504
This folder contains: a large B&W of the Academy of Our Lady of Angels,razed in the 1920's and a medium sepia c. 1891 of a class on the school steps,3 students identified.Photographs2505
This folder contains 4 large B&W photos of "The Knoll" private school.probably c. 1910-20's.Photographs2506
This folder contains a large B&W photo of a class at Horseheads School, corner of Chambers & Colonial Drive,some names on back.Photographs2507
This folder contains 2 pictures of "The Domes at Soaring Eagles,one B&W,two in color;3 small color views on the Soaring Eagles golf course.Photographs2508
This folder contains photos relating to Elmira Heights Schools: one B&W of the old school, 3 small color of the new school.Photographs2509
This folder contains the following images of Horseheads High School: old school building; razing of old high school, 1987; class of 1904; 50th reunion of the class of 1847, June 16, 1897; 1st Annual Horseheads High School All-Sports banquet at the Mark Twain Hotel, May 29, 1951. Photographs2510
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