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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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These slides are of bildings: 7 slides are examples of Cast Iron shown around doors and windows of shops/stores (Terwilligers Lightning Center, Citizen's Loans); 4 views of the Yates House, W. Church St., 1st house west of Park Church. House torn down for Utica Mutual building.SlidesD1Buildings10
These are slides of miscellaneous buildings; entrance facade to the Elmira Star-Gazette; Lehigh Valley Freight House, E. Second and State Streets, razed May 1984; Gerity & Morell, corner Carroll and Lake Streets; children at Orphans Home, c 1929; Robinson Building c 1880, horse car coming; Lycem, bank, Gerity, corner Lake and Carroll Streets; Realty Building, corner Market and Lake Streets; Westinghouse, later Toshiba, Horseheads (2); Sangerbund (German) Hall; Russian Orthodox Church, Elmira Heights; eastside Elmira 1950's housing (Dewittsburg).SlidesD1Buildings10
These are slides of buildings in Elmira. One slide is of a row of town houses on East Second Street.SlidesD1Buildings in Elmira01
These slides are of the following Businesses in 1887: Durland & Pratt; S. X. Metzger & Sons; Gerity Bros Drugs; Sayles & Pratt; W. B. Hallock & Bros; Thompson & Parkhurst; C. E. & T.F. Connelly; G. E. Pumb & Co.; Pratt & Co. Hardware; Bundy & Tompkins; Wilbur W. Fish. SlidesD1Business13
These are slides of People, Business Buildings, and Products: photo of an OLD LOWMAN WHISKEY bottle; Lowman Distillery; Chemung County Chamber of Commerce, August 1986; Chemung County Chamber of Commerce, December 1986; Elmira Foundry badge with photo of Clayton Templar; G E Foundry, later Trinity; Gorton Coy, & Markson's, corner of Main & Water Streets (2); Harding Brothers, Inc.; Harding Collet Plant, Horseheads; Harding Bros, College Avenue, 1984; Removal of Oil Pipe Lines, Big Flats, 1975; Mr. & Mrs. Weis accepting samples of old oil pipes, Mr & Mrs. Woods also pictured; Hillard Corp; Horseheads Industrial Center; Industrial Service Corp.; Secor & Bundy horse drawn delivery wagon, Jabin Secor, pictured; early logging operations; W. T. Sheely's.SlidesD1Businesses01
These are slides of slides of Banks and Insurance Agencies: Chemung Canal Bank interior (new) Water St; Chemung Valley Savings & Loan; Elmira Savings & Loan; Elmira Savings Bank building (new); Ladies Alcove, 2nd National Bank; Marine Midland; Elmira Savings Bank, interior (2); Present Chemung Canal Bank (2); Clune Insurance Agency.SlidesD1Businesses02
These are slides of Manufacturing Factories: Powers Mfg. Co.; Call Mfg. Co.; Old Saw Manufactory; Howell Box Factory, Pennsylvania Ave.SlidesD1Businesses03
These are slides of Chemung County Mills: Knitting Mill, Madison Ave. (from 30th Separate Company Book, 1896); Rolling Mills; Van Auken Mill Supplies; Chase-Hibbard Mill 1885 (2); Campbell's Mill, Breesport; Old Rolling Mill, in 1980 was LeValley's; Old Knitting Mill, Elmira Heights; Arnot Mill on E. Water St.; early mill.SlidesD1Businesses04
These are slides of Transportation Businesses: Lyman D. Gridley Motor Sales; Chemung County Airport, 1st terminal, October 1957; Elmira Transportation Center, opened 1980; present Chemung Co. Airport terminal; Caton Airport, about 1928; airport, American Airlines plane; cotton moving van, horse drawn.SlidesD1Businesses05
These are slides of Stores, Markets, Drug Stores, and Malls: Elmira Drug, Southside; S. F. Iszards Arnot Mall Store (outside view); clock on Iszard's Main St. store, 1950's; Telegram Building on State & Market; Gerity Brothers Drug; The ART SHOP; Bowers Dairy, interior; Hosmer Billings Book Sellers; Brown Pharmacy, Main & Franklin Sts., Horseheads; Derby Book Shop, Baldwin St.; Langdon Plaza, 1986; Rosenbaum's; Pattinson's Market; Arnot Mall, interior, fountain; Sears Store, Main & Second St.SlidesD1Businesses06
These slides contain Bridge Companies, and Kennedy Valve Company: Horseheads Bridge Company; USS Faberication Bridge Plant, Elmira Heights, 1984 (2); Empire Bridge Co. (American Bridge Co. ?), Elmira Heights; Kennedy Valve, 1984 (2); Kennedy Valve, 1910.SlidesD1Businesses07
These are slides of lithographs of Elmira Businesses in 1887: Briggs Brewery in 1866; Fitch & Aldrich; Pheonix Foundry Allen Business College; Chemung Valley Medical & Surgical Institute; Durland & Barton; Hardy & Slaymaker; Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad; John Brand & Company; Elmira Crockery Store; Elmira Oil Co.SlidesD1Businesses08
This is a collection of interiors and exteriors of busniss companies: Fairway Spring Co. Inc.; Thatcher Glass Mfg. Co.with view of mixing towers, and furnace smokestacks plus rail tracks; Thatcher Glass warehouses; 30th Separate Company Building 1896, shown in an ad for J. Richardson & Co.; Elmira Beef Co., 1883 (Swift Packing Co.);Elmira Rug Co.; Charles F. Evans Co. Inc.; Big Flats Cigar Co.; Ad for Brown's Eucalyptus Company, Gerty Drug- Agent; Joseph Myer Co.; Bedell & Co.SlidesD1Businesses09
This is a collection of interiors and exteriors of busniss companies: Fairway Spring Co. Inc.; Thatcher Glass Mfg. Co.with view of mixing towers, and furnace smokestacks plus rail tracks; Thatcher Glass warehouses; 30th Separate Company Building 1896, shown in an ad for J. Richardson & Co.; Elmira Beef Co., 1883 (Swift Packing Co.);Elmira Rug Co.; Charles F. Evans Co. Inc.; Big Flats Cigar Co.; Ad for Brown's Eucalyptus Company, Gerty Drug- Agent; Joseph Myer Co.; Bedell & Co.SlidesD1Businesses09
This is a collection of slides containing photos of business buildings, and advertising: LRC Electronics; Swift Meat Co., State St.; Armour Meat Packing, State St.; Star-Gazette, 1984; Ad for Daily Press; Streeter Associates; Eclipse (Bendix) entrance; National Home display ad; American France Co. apparatus; Meekers; C. & K. Laundry; Eastern Metals; Armory; T. Briggs & Co.; Hoseheads Creamery; Antrim, PA, Coaltown "Annie's"; Winner, Sullivan & DeLaney Law Office door; Swartouts-Rathbun, corner Baldwin and Water Sts.; model of Urban Renewal Plan. SlidesD1Businesses10
This is a collection of slides containing photos the exterior and interior of business buildings: L. W. Hastings Office Machines; Irving D. Booth, Inc.; Elmira Quality Printers; Chemung Electronics; Rodbourn's General Store, Erin, NY. SlidesD1Businesses11
This is a collection of slides of American LaFrance Co.: a copy of a LaFrance Steamer about 1890 (from a book); American LaFrance, October 1980; American LaFrance fire fighting apparatus; early American LaFrance steam pumper; Early fire apparetus; Elmira Fire Headquarters, E. Market St., early 1930's. SlidesD1Businesses12
These 8 slides are of Elm Chevrolet Parking lot in 1986SlidesD1Businesses13
These slides are of miscellaneous cemeteries: Barcus tombstone at the Jewish Cemetery, Franklin St., Elmira; Stemerman tombstone at the Jewish Cemetery; stone with plaque listing Revolutionary Soldiers at the Riverside Cemetery, Lowman, NY (2); historical roadside marker for the Firzimmons Cemetery, Lower Maple Ave., Southport (Elmira); Asaph Hall at National Woodlawn Cemetery, Decoration Day 1975, Elmira; village of Van Etten with cemetery on hill in background; Revolutionary Veteran Marker in front of a tombstone at Fitzsimmons Cemetery.SlidesD1Cemeteries01
These slides are of memorials in Chemung County: 2 unidentified memorials; World War II Arch at Wisner Park; Ernie Davis; Excempt Fireman at Woodlawn; historical roadside marker for Green Bently, Millport; plaque on tall stone for Sullivan Trail, Chemung War Town on old Route 17, near Katydid Curve.SlidesD1Cemeteries02
These slides are of Woodlawn National Cemetery and Woodlawn Cemetery: Statuary on the Reynolds-Stancliff-Eldridge plot at Woodlawn 1983; a stone cross and angel at Woodlawn; Woodlawn National (3); Woodlawn National January 1985; John Hendy's stone, Woodlawn 1980; Comfederate graves, Woodlawn National, 1982; Konkle stone, Woodlawn 1980; Sholola Monument, Woodlawn; WW I & II, and Korean War graves, Woodlawn National; Langdon plot, Woodlawn, 1983; statue at Woodlawn (2).SlidesD1Cemeteries03
These are slides of Woodlawn Cemetery: Diven Family plot; James Cait statue; a set of stone steps in Woodlawn; Helena Billings headstone; Fireman's statue in Woodlawn; Woodlawn stone entrance in 1981 (dedicated in 1858); Ernie Davis grave.SlidesD1Cemeteries04
These slides are of Second St. Cemetery, Elmira: S.T. Reynolds stone; Historical roadside marker for cemetery; Hester (?) stone; 6 hard to read stones; Eliza Ryerson stone; Almira S. Metzer stone.SlidesD1Cemeteries05
These are slides of Sts. Peter & Paul's Cemetery, Franklin St., Elmira: Priests Circle, 1984 (2); Crucifix in Priests' Circle; Picaway, 1984; DelPapa Musoleum.SlidesD1Cemeteries06
These slides are of the Fair: Petting Zoo, 1984 (2);SlidesD1Chemung County Fair01
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