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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleCL 05 Mabel Wood CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed BySue Rogan
Date Completed:June 2009

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Receipt made out to Derby Book Shop for payment of $30.00 pledge to the Chemung Co. War Chest, October 9, 1944.Receipt011019
Postcard mailed to the Derby Book Shop from Eaton, Crane & Pike Co., Pittsfield, Mass introducing salesman for the holiday line. March 18, 1921.Postcard011020
Postcard addressed to CA & EN Derby from Bromfield Publishers of Boston, Mass., introducing salesman who will show line of Christmas and everyday cards. Received March 16, 1921.Postcard011021
Envelope addressed to the Derby Sisters Bookstore, postmarked Elmira, February 15, 1928. "Miss Bosworth" written in pencil on front.Envelope011022
Envelope with writing samples. On front of envelope "Brewster" and "The Misses Derby" in script. Cards inside entitled "Business Capitals" and "Marking Hand" with examples of letters and the name Eva H. Derby. 1910-1940. Envelope011023
Booklet advertising Gibson Greeting Cards, entitled Things to Remember. Derby Book Shop stamped on back. 1923-1924Booklet011024
Booklet advertising Gibson Greeting Cards, entitled Things to Remember. Derby Book Shop stamped on back. 1923-1924Booklet011024
Photographs of: Cora, Eva, Anna (Annie), and Alden Derby; the Derby house on Walnut St.; the Derby Bookstore; the Hofstrup cottage; Elizabeth Kellogg, Augusta Pohlman, Eugenia Smith and Warren Newell; The Sullivan St (Trolley)car and the Derby/White Coat of Arms. 1895-1930.Photographs0111
Promissory note from C. Preswick for $6,842.72,dated January 7, 1890.Document011101
Order book with 8 orders, some completed by Mrs. W.A. Wood. February 1969.Duplicate Order Book020101
Southern Tier Mills Cook Book, Corning, New York. 1902Book020102
Deed of transfer of property in Elmira from Fannie A. Mitchell of Chicago to Burt & Fannie Gosper, June 1,6, 1904.Deed020201
Deed of transfer of property in Elmira from Fanny Darby (formerly Fanny Gosper) to Burt Gosper for $1.00, May 12,1919.Deed020202
Notice of Dissolution upon the retirement of Arthur S. Fitch from Fitch and Billings. The business, henceforth, to be run by Hosmer H. Billings. August 1, 1889.Document020301
Handwritten letter from Judge Seymour Dexter to Fitch & Billings ordering a book. December 4, 1885.Letter020302
Letter from Anderson & Krum, New York City to their customers. February 1886.Letter020303
Order form from W. D. Jacobus, 610 Euclid Ave., Elmira, 1900-1909.Document020304
Letter from Mayor John B. Stanchfield to Fitch & Billings to furnish Mr. Park with a self filling fountain pen. May 8, 1887.Letter020305
Receipt from W.W. Fish made out to Fitch & Billings for payment of bill. May 18, 1887.Receipt020306
Business letter from F.H.Hoffman to Fitch & Billings, dated May 24, 1887.Letter020307
Handbill from the Methodist Book Concern offering to sell to the trade at a discount, the books required for the Chautauqua Literary & Scientific Course, 1890-1891 session.Handbill020309
Envelope addressed to Fitch & Billings, Elmira, from the Methodist Book Concern of New York City, dated August 13, 1890.Envelope020310
Letter addressed to Fitch & Billings asking them to provide "Karen" with the needed books and to bill the Benjamin Cash & Register Company, of Elmira. September 7, 1887.Letter020312
Trade card for Fitch & Billings, Booksellers, 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira. 1875-1895. Card, Trade020313
Receipts from various businesses made out to Fitch & Billings for payments made in 1887.Receipt020401
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