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Manuscript Library

Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 37 Arts/ Music/ HumanitiesCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards, Lee Kiesling
Date Completed:May 17, 2007
Extent2 linear feet
Date Span1865-present

The Arts/ Music/ Humanities collection contains a wide range of material, such as documents, booklets and sheet music (which can be found in boxes D through F).  Institutions of mention in this collection are: Arnot Art Museum, Strathmont Museum, Steele Memorial Library, Tanglewood, the Browning Club, the Elmira Community Concert Association and the Thursday Morning Musicales.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Sheet Music - "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd 've Baked A Cake". Words and music by Al Hoffman, Bob Merrill, and Clem Watts; Featured and Recorded by Eileen Barton, copyright 1950.Sheet MusicE0604
Sheet Music - "Hang It In The Henhouse", copyright 1932, by Arthur Fields, Fred Hall, and Bert Van Cleve.Sheet MusicE0605
Sheet Music - "The Whiffenpoof Song", by Meade Minnigerode, George S. Pomeroy, and Todd B. Galloway, copyright 1936.Sheet MusicE0606
Sheet Music - "That Hypnotizing Man", by Lew Brown and Albert VonTilzer.Sheet MusicE0607
Sheet Music - "House of Flinn", by Joseph Borjack Buttel, published by J.B. Buttel.Sheet MusicE0608
Sheet Music - "My Wife's Gone To The Country Hurrah! Hurrah!", Words and Music by Geo. Whiting, Irving Berlin, and Ted Snyder, copyright 1909 by Ted Snyder Company.Sheet MusicE0609
Sheet Music - Waltzes: 1) Starlight Waltz by Brainard, copyright 1907. 2) Bridal Veil Waltzes by W. Dwight McCaughey, copyright 1904. 3) Glenora Waltzes by H.C. Sherman. 4) BlackHawk Waltzes by Mary E. Walsh, 1917. 5) Beautiful Ohio Waltz by Mary Earl. 6) Wayne King Collection of Feist Waltzes, 1921 - 1934. 7) The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltzes by Johann Strauss.Sheet MusicE0701
Sheet Music - This folder contains the following Civil War Songs, 1862 - 1866. 1)"We're Tenting To-night", by Walter Kittredge. 2) "Kingdom Coming", song and chorus by Henry C. Work. 3) "Break the News to Mother", by Chas. K. Harris.Sheet MusicE09
Sheet Music - This folder contains the following songs from World War I: "K-K-K-Katy", by Geoffrey O' Sheet Music - This folder contains the following songs from World War I: "K-K-K-Katy", by Geoffrey O'Hara; "I Ain't Got Weary Yet", by Percy Wenrich; two copies of "Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning", by Irving Berlin; "Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit-Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile", written by George Asaf, music by Felix Powell; "Till We Meet Again", lyrics by Raymond B. Egan, music by Richard A. Whiting; "When I Send You A Picture Of Berlin", by Frank Fay, Ben Ryan, and Dave Dreyer. Sheet MusicE1002
Sheet Music - This folder contains the following songs from World War I: "Keep The Trench Fires Going For The Boys Out There", words by Eddie Moran, music by Harry Von Tilzer; "The Old Grand Army Boys", by E. P. Chadwick; "There's A Long, Long Trail", written by Stoddard King, composed by Zo Elliott; "Private Tommy Atkins", words by Henry Hamilton, music by S. Potter; "It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary", written and composed by Jack Judge and Harry Williams.Sheet MusicE1003
Sheet music - Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer by Harold Adamson & Jimmy McHugh, 1943. (World War II)Sheet MusicE1101
Sheet Music - This is Worth Fighting For by Edgar DeLange & Sam H. Stept, 1942. (World War II)Sheet MusicE1102
Sheet Music - Johnny Zero by Mack David & Vee Lawnhurst, 1943. (World War II)Sheet MusicE1103
Sheet Music - Victory Hit Parade from Soup to Nuts song book, 1945. (World War II)Sheet MusicE1104
Sheet Music - Music for the piano: RECREATIONS for the piano - Third and Fourth Grades; DANCE OF THE FAIRIES, series 1; IL TROVATORE, Fantaise by E. Dorn; BOOSEY'S, Artistic Series for Piano; VENETIAN SONG by F. N. Shackley. Sheet MusicE1201
Sheet Music - Music for the piano: "Flower Song" by Gustav Lang, 1916; "The Pupil's Duet Album", 15 Pianoforte Duets in the Easier Grades; "Beethoven's Sonatas"; "Beautiful Flowers" by Louis Lacombe; "Clementi Sonatinas", revised by Dr. S. Lebert. Sheet MusicE1202
Sheet Music - Music for the piano or organ: "Pleasant Memories", a charming collection of well-known favorites: "Songs Without Words", composed for Piano by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdg; "Choice Pieces" for the piano; Rubank "Christmas Music" for everyone; Beginner's Book, "School of the Pianoforte" by Theo. Presser. Sheet MusicE1203
This folder contains the following sheet music by Talitha Botsford: Chatter; Corduroy Road; Good Cheer; An Indian Song; Twilight; Waltz; Whimsical Dance (1929); Work & Play; untitled songs.Sheet MusicE1301
Sheet Music - "Golden Flyer" March Two-Step, by F.H. Losey. Dedicated to Glenn H. Curtiss. Sheet MusicE206
Music Book - 2 copies of The One Hundred and One Best Songs, published by the Cable Company: copyright, 1915; revised edition copyright, 1923. Music BookF0101
Music Book - 1896 - 1898, Musical Gems introduced in William H. West's Big Minstrel Jubilee, sole Proprietor, the most popular minstrel in the world. Published by M. Witmark and Sons.Music BookF0102
Music Book - Stephen Collins Foster, composer, copyright 1939, by M. M. Cole Publishing Company.Music BookF0103
Music Book - Feist Cavalcade of song hits, 25 years - 25 hits, 1914 - 1938. Published by Leo Feist , Inc. in 1938.Music BookF0104
Music Book - "Tin Pan Alley" song folio, copyrights, 1903 - 1929, Robbins Music Corporation.Music BookF0105
Music Book - Mammoth Series No. 2, Robins Mammoth Collection of World Famous Songs. Edited by Hugo Frey and Published by Robbins Music Corporation, 1937 - 1939 copyright.Music BookF0106
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