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Manuscript Library

Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

To search the Manuscript Index for a specific research topic, please enter the term into the Search Library Box below. 

Please keep in mind that many collections have not been inventoried while others are currently in progress.  If you have any questions regarding the Finding Aids or the Index, please contact the archivist at

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This folder contains membership certificates for the following clubs and organizations: Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Ireland (Charles Seely 1877); Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association (Sidney Dibble 1887); Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (Orval T. Butler 1920); Elmira Star-Gazette Diamond Jubilee Club (Sarah M. LaDuew 1939); United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners (Donald Cronkwrite 1950); American LaFrance Sesquicentennial Celebration (Marshall & Kaye Cecce).Certificate02D-05F-06
This folder contains the following military certificates: Captain Arthur T. Lee commission, 8th Infantry US Army (1848); Harry A. Turner Columbia Accolade for service in World War I (1919); David Horwitz initiation in the Ancient Order of the Deep, US Navy (1942); memorial for Pvt. Richard Jenkins (1944); purple heart & memorial for Pvt. John Hughes (1944).Certificate02D-05F-07
This folder contains the following certificates from the New York State National Guard: Harry N. Hoffman commissions & promotions(1893, 1897, 1906); Frank W. Ross medical corps commissions & promotions (1918)Edmund O. Beers commission(1860s); William Halliday commission & discharge (1904) Brees commission (1864); George Comphrey commission (1867); James Bacon commission (1884).Certificate02D-05F-08
This folder contains the Riverside Musical scores for 1900 & 1913. Document02D-05F-09
This folder contains the following photographs of area businesses: aerial view of Hardinge Plant, ca. 2000; Chemung Canal Trust Company, ca. 1990s; aerial view of Anchor Glass Container Corporation, 1993; aerial view of Hilliard Corporation, ca. 1990s.Photographs02D-05F-16
This folder contains the following photographic portraits: Dr. Zippie Brooks Wales, ca. 1860s; Zoa Belle Kendell, ca. 1890s; William C. Wey, ca. 1900; Casper Decker, 1930; Hamilton D. Wey, 1935.Photographs02D-05F-17
This folder contains the following portrait drawings: Daniel Pratt, ca. 1860s; Emma Spencer, ca. 1880s; unidentified Elmira police roundsman, 1901; 1 unidentified white woman and 2 unidentified white men, ca. 1900.Drawings02D-05F-18
This folder contains the following newspapers about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln: New York Herald (April 15, 1865); Forney's War Press (April 22, 1865); Plainsfield Union (April 26, 1865); New York Times (April 27, 1865).Newspapers02D-05F-20
Newspaper - Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper: September 12, 1857. First Annual Exhibition of the Young Men's National Agricultural and Mechanical Society at the site Prison Camp, Elmira.Newspaper02D-07F-05
This folder contains wall calendars compliments of F.M. Howell & Company featuring the following prints by local artists: "Main Street - Montour Falls, 1872" by Ted VanBrunt (1972); "Line Fence" by Elbert W. Ryerson (1980): "Chemung River" by Ted VanBrunt (1981); "Quarry Farm Home" by Ron Ownes (1985); "Near Bottcher's Landing" by Barbara Young (1989); "September Morn" by Barbara Young (1996); "Mark Twain's Study" by Constance Berberian (1997); "The Stone Bridge" by William F. Hopkins, Jr. (2000); "Seneca Lake View" by Linda McIntyre (2001); "New York Sugar Maples" by Constance Berberian (2002) Calendar02D-08F-01
This folder contains wall calendars compliments of F.M. Howell & Company featuring the following prints by local artists: "Elmira Hills" by Paul W. Tucker; "Night Train" by Harwood Taylor; "Big Flats Station" by Ted VanBrunt (1976); "On the Chemung" by Cheryl Stein (1991); "Winter Bright" by Harwood Taylor; "The Changing Scene, Big Flats" by Oke Nordgren. Prints02D-08F-01
This folder contains promotional wall calendars compliments of the following businesses: General Electric (G.E.) & Eddy Electronics (1968); Esso Oil Co. (1971); Arnot Art Museum retrospective on George Waters (1980); American LaFrance (1982, 1984); Bandag & Twin Tier Tire Corp (1984); Schweizer Aircraft Corp. (1990). Calendars02D-08F-02
Poster - Great Elmira Heights Land Sale, J.W. Wilbur Land Company, September 25, 1913. Poster02D-08F-07
Posters for The Great Car Thing: June 10, 1995; June 7, 1997; June 6, 1998; June 9, 2001.Poster02D-08F-08
This folder contains the following oversized material: lithographic memorial for Sally Ann Martin, ca. 1848; portrait of Mark Twain by J. Charles Riley; portrait of Mark Twain by Lee Kline, 1989; photo of deep gorge viaduct on Utica, Ithaca and Elmira Railroad; painting of a train approaching the Erie Railroad station by Cheryl A. Stein, ca. 1980s. 2019.3.2 – Print of Mark Twain by Lee Kline, 1989. Documents02D-10F-04
Watercolor of a chain pump in middle of the road above Horseheads by Talitha Botsford.Drawing02D-11F-01
Watercolor Grey House with Red Roof "Willowbrook" by Talitha BotsfordPainting02D-11F-02
Watercolor of springs just off Sagetown Road by Talitha Botsford.Drawing02D-11F-03
Watercolor of a windless pump at Hillman Farm, Wellsburg.Drawing02D-11F-03
Watercolor of force pump at Hickony Grove School by Talitha Botsford.Drawing02D-11F-03
Watercolor of chain pump at Gardner Road by Talitha Botsford.Drawing02D-11F-03
Watercolor of pitcher pump at Dry Run Road, Pine City, at artist Lans Hoftrup's home by Talitha Botsford.Drawing02D-11F-03
Watercolor of Sheehan's Water Tank, Elmira, NY by Talitha Botsford.Drawing02D-11F-04
Watercolor of fire alarm, bell, at Horseheads, NY by Talitha Botsford.Drawing02D-11F-04
Watercolor of The Park Church, Elmira, NY by Talitha BotsfordDrawing02D-11F-04
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