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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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This folder contains photos relating to private kindergartens & nursery schools: (22) students at Misses Norton's private kindergarten, 1891-1925; students at Mrs. Murdock's, June 1890; Majorie Drake's party, 1896; Miss Young's School; Mrs Hasting's Kindergarten, 1920; Mrs Bates' School, 1892; Erin Village School, c. 1890; Coldbrook Park School, c. 1949; Hatch Street children, c.1908-1911; unidentified student groups, June 1887, 1894, 1901, June 1911, 1914, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1926. Photographs2601
This folder contains photos relating to the Meeker's Business School which became the Elmira Business Institiute:large sepia of the 1890 raduating class;large sepia of 1896-97 Elmira Business Institute class;a large B&W of a downtown building where the J.W.Roberts Shorthand School was held c. 1890-95;a pen & ink sketch of the early Elmira Business College Building;large sepia of Meeker's College class c. 1903;oversized sepia of Meeker Institute, c. 1915;2 large B&W c. 1972, razing of Institute building at Market & Fox St.Photographs2602
This folder contains photos relating to the Beecher School (Elmira Public School #1): Construction work on school building, ca. 1900; Classes of 1916 & 1941; Students of Miss Bower, ca. 1890s; students of Miss Elston, ca. 1880s; Miss Godfrey's 8th grade class, 1898; Mrs. Lois Sidney's sewing class, ca. 1900; Miss Kingston's class, ca. 1890s; Bertha M. Grover's glass, 1885; unidentified students, ca. 1950s.Photographs2701
This folder contains images relating to Arthur W. Booth School (Elmira Public School #2): School building, 1874, 1950, 1973; 3rd grade class, 1891; 1st grade class, 1891; 6th grade class, 1900; 5th grade class, 1902; graduating class, 1915; unidentified students.Photographs2702
This folder contains images relating to the Parley Coburn School (Elmira Public School #3): Original building, 113 E. Hudson; new school construction, 1930; exterior, post-1930; Classes of 1905, 1919; art room, ca. 1970s; unidentified students. Photographs2703
This folder contains photos relating to the George M. Diven School (Elmira Public School #4): School building exterior, 1885, 1895, 1931, 1973, 1975, 1983; (4) addition construction, 2002; Miss Hanyon's 5th grade class, 1904; graduating classes of 1889, 1890, 1894, 1905, 1907 and various with no dates.Photographs2704
This folder contains the following school photos: Industrial School, ca. 1900; grammar school pic of "one of Mabel Hildreth's classes", probably 1920's;an unidentified highschool graduation class; St Anthony grade school grads with Father Gabanni, 1925; Lambda Sigma Fraternity,with names, c. 1916; marching cadets in front of large building,no ID; 1909 Cook Academy football team;medium sepia of(EFA?)graduating class in front of large building,probably early 1900's; A.J.Warner's Commercial Business College class;sepia of large group of mixed age children,some in costume,probably a play or musical,1920's??; 1963 reunion of EFA Class of 1908,names on back; (1940-50's?) ladies at a dinner celebration; 6 women,officers of group?;medium B&W of Beta Sigma Phi group,names on reverse;medium sepia of "Mrs. Riddle",Jan.27,1886; Beaver Valley, Spencer-Van Etten & Wellsburg Schools; Fassett School; Hopkins Street School; St Peter & Paul's school being razed; new St Peter & Paul School, 2000.Photographs2801
This folder contains: a large old sepia of boys at work in class at Broadway School, a a large B&W of Paul Prunier's class at work,Broadway School; a small B&W of the exterior of Broadway School,c. 1973.Photographs2802
This folder contains the following photos relating to School #11(Hoffman St): School exterior, 1926; Graduating Classes of 1920, 1923, 1935, 1936 (all with names on the back); First Grade, 1916; Ms. Lois Schoonover's 6th grade class, 1954; school being razed, 1983.Photographs2803
This folder contains photos relating to Hendy Avenue School (School #6): Mrs Boncer's class, 1928; cast of operetta "Pastry Cook & the Pirate," 1928; Class of 1960; Razing of old public school #6 (721 Lake St), July 1953; (2) athletic fields, 1974; (5) construction at school, 2003-2004.Photographs2804
This folder contains photos of Riverside school: a small B&W class photo with names a medium B&W of the front entrance; a large B&W of the school's exteriorRiverside2805
This folder contains the following photos related to the Hardy School(Elmira School No. 9): Graduating Classes of 1904 & 1911 (with names); unidentified class photos; school exterior, 1900, 1946 & 1982.Photographs2806
This folder contains images related to School #8 (Lagonegro): Wilhelmina Deister's fourth grade class, 1900; school building exterior, 1973.Photographs2807
This folder contains photos relating to George Washington School (#5): building exterior (1888, 1940s, 1950s); Hannah Rhodes Connelly (1st woman principal in Elmira); Lena Vaughan's teacher training class; Classes of 1895, 1932 & 1946; unidentified students.Photographs2808
This folder contains photos relating to the Elmira Vocational School, ca. 1900s-1910s: (3) mechanical drawing class; (9)mechanical shop; wood shop; graduates Walter Wrigley, John Dense, Howard Johnson, Arthur Locke & John Watts, 1917; (10) unidentified students at work on various projects.Photographs2901
This folder contains photos relating to Southside High's Class of 1951 and its 50th reunion:11 small B&W and 3 small color photos.Photographs2902
This folder contains 3 exterior views of the original Southside Highschool(Now Human Resource Center):one aerial view, one front view and one with an an addition being built.Photographs2903
This folder contains: a large sepia of the EFA graduating class of 1902;a large B&W of the 1912 EFA foorball team.Photographs2904
This folder contains photos relating to Southside Highschool, Class of 1952:2 large B&W of school exterior;B&W of study hall; (2)B&W of school band;B&W of class officers;informal Senior Council meeting;Science Teachers,Foreign Language Faculty;typing class;history class;3 portraits:older lady with white hair(principal?),man in white shirt, girl in plaid skirt;Senior play rehearsal?;Youth County Group;4 club groups; choir rehearsal?. Pictures have page numbers of yearbook on back where they appear.Photographs2905
folder contains photos relating to Elmira Free Academy: (2)sketch of the original school building; (4) EFA Building prior to 1913; (2) next EFA building that eventually became Ernie Davis Junior High; Lake St EFA after the 1946 flood showing a huge tree that fell into the building; construction of Hoffman St. EFA c. 1963.Photographs2906
This folder contains photos relating to the Elmira Free Academy: (2)original academy building; (2) EFA 1862 building; (4) next EFA building prior to 1913; (5) EFA built after 1913,including one of the tree that fell through the windows just after the 1946 flood; construction of the Hoffman St EFA c. 1963; (3)completed EFA, c. 1964; graduating classes of 1883, 1888, 1894 or 95, 1896, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1918, 1920, 1922; (9) 1915 Senior play; Forum Debate Club, 1916 & 1919; State Championship Football Team 1923; (2) female EFA faculty, 1940s-50s; Class of 1939 girls; Principal Francis R. Parker, ca. 1930s; unidentified classes. Photographs2906
This folder contains images of Del Kader Beauty and Culture School students and staff, circa 1925.Photographs2907
This folder contains the following images of fire engines: horse drawn fire equipment; American LaFrance motorized fire engines from Arlington, Ocean Grove, Secaucus, Fort Worthe, Wilmington, Houston, Havana, Atlantic City, Danville, Topeka, Canosburg, Myrtle Beach, Great Neck & Wellsburg Fire Departments, ca. 1910s-1940s; hose truck at work; Old market St. Fire Headquarters, interior ca. 1880s, exterior with fire trucks ca. 1910s, 1930s; hook & ladder at work; Elmira Fire Department equipment, 1920s, 1930s, 1960s.Photographs30A01
This folder contains photos relating to the Elmira heights Fire Department:2 large sepia of "Chemical Engine and Hose Co of Elmira Heights" c. 1905; large B&W of "Independent Hook & Lader";3 large B&W: 0ne of fire dept band, two of fire company on steps and in front of motorized truck(1920's?).Photographs30A02
This folder contains photos relating to Elmira Firemen and Fire Stations: Chief Washington Marsh; old Market Street Station; Station #4 on Maxwell Place; #2 Station on Water St, foot of College; opening of Exempts station; Station #3,Penn & S. Main,razed 1979; Fire Company Station #3 on their fire engine, ca. 1920s; Station #3, ca. 1890s; fireman's dormatory; Neptune #2 Company; Fireman's Parade, 1903; U.S. Express Company's famous "Four In Hand" horses; Firemen on parade, Water St,1880-90's; Firemen's outing, c. 1911; firing up an old steam apparatus, ca. 1920s; parade on Lake St, early 1940s; firedog Uno; newer Wellsburg fire station; Station #3 opening c. 1917; parade in Breesport, c. 1973; Pine City station; Wellsburg Station.Photographs30B01
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