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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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These slides are of the following Churches: Mt. Savour, Benedictine Monastery; Masonic Temple, now seat of county goverment; Big Flats Episcopal; Trinity's altar; Wellsburg Methodist; original Park Church; Breesport Methodist (2nd church); orginal Grace; litho of old Methodist; 1st Presbyterian; North Presbyterian on N. Main above Elmira College, 1890; interior of Centenary Methodist; Jewish Temple on High St.; 1st Baptist; Trinity, January 1985; North Presbyterian, College Ave.; Lowman Methodist (2) .SlidesD1Churches01
These 1986 slides are of St. Casimir's Church: The Ascension; stain glass window with a blue sky; stain glass window of Christ the King & St. Pius X; interior with stain glass windows and pews; Pulpit; interior, painting; interior, looking toward Altar; Sacred Heart of Jesus (2); Last Supper painting; St. Casimir holding a child; statue of Mary; statue of Jesus; High Altar (2); old view of the exterior of St. Casimir's. SlidesD1Churches02
These 1986 slides are of St. Casimir's Church: map where located c 1900; (11) exterior views; Ray Wemieski.SlidesD1Churches03
These slides are of the following churches: Wellsburg Baptist; Trinity Baptist & Wisner Park; Jewish Temple, High St.; 75th Anniversary of St. Anthony's, statue with baby in arms in back of a pickup truck in parking lot; St. Mary's Our Mother, Broad St., Horseheads; Masonic Temple, Elmira; St. John the Baptist fire, 1973; Old Hedding Church, c 1900; new Hedding; German Evangelical.SlidesD1Churches04
These slides are of the following churches: (4) Ray Winieski at St. Casimir's, 1986; early members of St. Nicholas, Ukranian; Ukranian people in front of St. Nicholas, 1907 (2); interior and exterior of S. Nicholas; St. Nicholas Ukranian Catholic Church Depication program, 1958; c 1900 map of location of St. Nicholas; 2 views of St. Nicholas; St. Charles Borromeo; c 1900 map of location of St. Cecilia's; exterior of St. Cecilia's.SlidesD1 Churches05
These slides are of the following churches: Temple B'nai Israel, c 1900; Park, exterior; Grace, altar (2); congregation of Grace; congregation of Park (2); Lowman, exterior (2); Chancel, Trinity; Park church Quartet, 1890; exterior, St. Anthony's, dedicated 1948, orginal 1908 and 1911; Big Flats Baptist; Southside Baptist; Trinity, exterior; Ridgebury Chapel Our Lady of Perpetual Help; Holy Trinity, Russian Orthodox; Lake St. Presbyterian; 1st Presbyterian construction. SlidesD1Churches06
These slides are of the following churches: Baptist, Millport, Baptist, Van Etten; interior of Grace Church, Elmira; 1986 St. Mary's Our Mother, Horseheads; 1890 B'nai Israel, W. Water St.; 1890 St. Patrick, Elmira; old Orchard St. Synagogue (Shomray Hadath), Elmira; South Presbyterian; new Shomray Hadath; interior, Park Congreational Church; 1984 interior, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ridgebury, PA; 1984 exterior, Our Lady of Perpetual Help; tombstones (2), 1984, Ridgebury, PA; (2) 1984 exterior views of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic, McCann's Blvd, Elmira Heights; Ukrainian Club, 1984; 1916 & 1982, Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity, Horseheads Blvd., Elmira Heights.SlidesD1Churches07
These slides are of the following churches: Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity, Horseheads Blvd., Elmira Heights, NY; 1986, Lady of Lourdes; Lady of Lourdes., built 1944; stain glass windows of First Presbyterian, Elmira; interior, First Presbyterian; exterior, First Presbyterian (3); June 18, 1983, St. Anthony, 75th Annivserary, St. Anthony's statue in back of pickup truck; 1950's Big Flats Presbyterian; 1984 Wellsburg Methodist; 1984 Christ Episcopal, Wellsburg; 1984 St. John's R.C., Lake and Second; 1984 St. Cecelia's; 1984 Dominican Monastery; 1980 St. Peter & Paul's; Farr double tombstone, Ridgebury, PA; Erin St. Patrick's Day Card advertisement; Park Church Junior Needlework Guild (young ladies with bikes).SlidesD1Churches08
These slides are of the following churches: Shomray Hadath; Breesport Methodist, old; interior, First Methodist, Baldwin St., Elmira; Park Church; Grace Church.SlidesD1Churches09
These slides are of the following churches: c 1900 Wellsburg Baptist and grave yard (3); 1931, Wellsburg Baptist interior, group of men; c 1900 map with Wellsburg Baptist location; c 1900 Wellsburg Baptist interior(2); c 1960 Wellsburg Baptist; 1964 Wellsburg Baptist, newspaler ad; first Presbyterian meeting place, 1795, log building which was the courthouse and jail; c 1870 First Baptist interior, 150th Anniversary; 1977 Wellsburg Baptist; 1891 First Baptist; 1986 Wellsburg Baptist (2); c 1890 First Baptist.SlidesD1Churches10
These are slides of the following churches: c 1900 map of A.M.E. Church locations (2); A.M.E. Zion 1894 Program and 1950 photo; c 1906 Sts. Peter & Paul; c 1900 map of St. Peter & Paul's location (2); 1936 St. Peter & Paul interior; 1986 St. Peter & Paul's garden with statue; 1986 exterior St. Peter & Paul; orginal wooden building of St. Peter & Paul; c 1900 map St. Mary Our Mother location (3); 1986 old St. Mary's; 1986 Father O'Brien of St. Mary Our Mother; 1986 interior, St. Mary's, Father O'Brien. SlidesD1Churches11
These slides are of the following churches: Pine City Baptist, 1964; Pine City Baptist, 1978; Pine City Baptist, 1986; Southside Baptist leaflet, 1896; Southside Baptist, c1900; Southside Baptist interior, c1910; Southside Baptist 1964 Anniversary booklet; Southside Baptist exterior, 1986 (2); Hedding Methodist, 1893 interior; Hedding Methodist 1870 interior; Hedding Methodist, 1896 map; North Presbyterian 1931 interior; North Presbyterian, 1974; North Presbyterian 1967 interior with congregation; North Presbyterian c1900 map; North Presbyterian exterior (3). SlidesD1Churches12
These slides are of the following churches: Emmanuel Episcopal, 1922; map of location of Emmanuel Episcopal; A.M.E. Zion, 1894 program, 1950 photo; A.M.E. Zion c1950; Frederick Douglas A.M.E. Zion, Women's Day Choir (Senior Choir), 1967; A.M.E. Zion 1967 program; Frerdrick Douglas A.M.E., stain glass window, 1986; A.M.E. location map, c1900; Bethel A.M.E. Zion, 1901 program; Monumental Baptist, interior with congregation, 1963; Monumental Baptist, old church, c1940; Monumental Baptist, front view; All Saiants Home, c1960; All Saints Home, 1965 drawing; All Saints Home, 1986; Minnie Floyd A.M.E. Zion; A.M.E. Churches map.SlidesD1 Churches12
These slides are of the following churches: Lake St. Presbyterian, c1900; Lake St. Presbyterian Mens Group, c1920; Lake St. Presbyterian 100th Anniversary program, 1961; Lake St. Presbyterian Baptismal Font; Lake St. Presbyterian c1900 map; Lake St. Presbyterian exterior (2); Grace Episcopal, c1890 (2); Grace Episcopal c1890 interior, altar; Grace Episcopal, c1900; Grace Episcopal 1896 map; orginial home of Big Flats Baptist; Big Flats Baptist; Pine City Baptist, 1904.SlidesD1Churches13
These slides are of the following churches: Park Church, 11 views of the interior; c1900 map showing Wisner Park, Park Church, 1st Baptist and Trinity; Lake St. Presbyterian, David Murdock; Lake St. Presbyterian, 1925; Lake St. Presbyterian, 1866 Manual; Lake St. Presbyterian, late 1800's interior; Lake St. Presbyterian postcard montage, 1900-1950.SlidesD1Churches14
These slides are of the Park Church: 1946 Centennial Album cover photo; Women's Society for Work, 1946; 1973 interior; filigree on roof, 1983; 4 slides of the silver dome, 1986; 10 slides of the interior.SlidesD1Churches15
These slides are of the following rural churches: Wellsburg Methodist Centennial booklet, 1949; Wellsburg Methodist, 1874; Wellsburg Methodist c 1970; new Wellsburg Methodist (2); Wellsburg Methodist bell; Montage of North Chemung, Erin, Breesport, c 1900; Montage of Wellsburg, Van Etten, Pine Valley; unidentifed churches (4); Montage of Catlin, and Hicks, c 1980; Nadine Ferraioli, Horseheads Methodist, 1986 (4).SlidesD1Churches16
These slides are of the following churches: First Presbyterian meeting place which was also the courthouse and jail, 1795, Elmira (Newtown)(2); 1869 drawing of First Presbyterian (4); 1835 litho First Presbyterian, brick; First Presbyterian, 1900, plus 1846 Manual; c 1880 interior First Presbyterian; Montage of First Presbyterina interior photo, post card, and ticket; 1928 drawing of First Presbyterian; First Presbyterian Anniversary Program, 1955; map of location of First Prebyterian (2); bigBig Flats' First Presbyterian, 1986 (2); South Presbyterian, c 1900; South Presbyterian, 1962.SlidesD1Churches17
These slides are of the following churches: South Presbyterian, 1962; South Presbyterian, 1960; South Presbyterian interior, c 1910; South Presbyterian interior, 1919; South Presbyterian, 1926; map location of South Presbyterian, c 1900; Southport Baptist, 1986 (2); Breesport Methodist; c 1900; Breesport Methodist, 3 different buildings; Breesport Methodist, earlier than 1900; Hicks Methodist, 1961; Lowman Methodist, 1986; Sullivanville Methodist, c 1900; Sullivanville Methodist, later (2); Van Etten Methodist, c 1920.SlidesD1Churches18
The following slides are of St John the Baptist, Elmira: c 1910; 4 views of the 1973 fire; c 1900; 1936 interior ; 1938 interior; 1942 interior (2); 1892 St. John's Benovelent Assoc. group; 1942, 50th Anniversary program; 1966, 100th Anniversary program; 1965 interior; montage of the Centennial Mass, 1966; c 1900 map showing location of church.SlidesD1Churches19
These slides are of St. Patrick's Church, Elmira: 3 photos of church from 1900-1910; c 1900; 1931 montage of photos; 1973 congregation leaving church; stain glass windows, c 1973; 1980, 2 views of steeple; view of altar and congregation, c 1973; 1986 exterior,(3); rectory and school, 1986; 1986 interior. stain glass windows (7).SlidesD1Churches20
These slides are of the following churches: 1986 interior of St. Patrick's, stain glass windows (9); St. Mary's (Elmira), montage of 4 photos, c 1900; St. Mary's with congregation leaving, c 1973; c 1900 map showing St. Mary's location; St. Mary's exterior (3).SlidesD1Churches21
These slides are of the following churches: St. Anthony's piazza, 1986; St. Anthony's pizza, 1985 montage; St. Anthony's 1986 festival (2); 1986 Holy Trinity, Russian Orthodox, interior view with priest (2); exterior of Holy Trinity, Russian Orthodox (4); 1986 interior of Holy Trinity, Russian Orthodox (5).SlidesD1 Churches22
These slides are of the Holy Trinity, Russian Orthodox Church: March 1987 before torn down, 12 exterior views of the 1916 church and domes; 7 slides of the interior. SlidesD1Churches23
These 19 slides are of the 1916 Holy Trinity Church taken in March 1987 before it was torn down. They show exterior and interior views of the church.SlidesD1Churches23
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