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Collection TitleCL 14 Breesport County HomeCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards
Date Completed:May 24, 2007
Date Updated:March 3, 2008
Provenance:The Breesort County Home Collection was donated to the Booth Library by Thomas Santulli in 2007. 
Terms:Aged--Government policy; Aged--Health and hygiene; Aged--Institutional care; Aged--Services for; Chemung County (N.Y.); Old age homes

The Breesport County Home began in 1837 when the Board of Supervisors purchased 178  acres of land in the town of Breesport to be used as a home for vagrants and orphans.  In 1868, it was re-designated as a home for the aged and infirm.  Since then there have been various additions to the original property to meet the institution's growing needs.  The infirmary came first in 1888 and was later expanded in 1913.  In 1902, an administrative building was constructed and, in 1933, a two-story brick hospital wing was built. 

During the 20th century, the Home's population began to steadily rise until 1958, when it had reached its saturation point.  At this point, the Council of Community Services Nursing Home Study Committee began to urge the construction of an entirely new facility.  In 1960, a Health Planning Committee was established to look into the proposal and in July 1971, the Breeseport County Home was closed and its residence transferred to the new, fully modern, facilities in Heritage Park. 

Scope:The Breesport County Home Collection contains administrative documents, correspondence and articles relating to the Home.  These items range in date from 1940 to 1972, with the bulk of the collection dating from the 1960's.  The earlier parts of the collection focus primarily on the day to day administrative needs of the Home, while later sections concern the County's need for a newer facility. 


Extent1 linear foot
Date Span1940-1972

The Breesport County Home Collection contains administrative documents, letters and articles regarding the County Home and Infirmary, including information on the construction of the Heritage Park.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Analysis of Chemung County Farm Sale, prepared by Cameron P. Loomis dated March 11, 1960.DocumentA2025
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for March 30, 1960.MinutesA2026
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, March 16, 1960.MinutesA2027
From Cameron P. Loomis to Trach Bushness dated April 8, 1960 regarding The House at the County Farm.MemoA2028
Invoices for the Horseheads Livestock Market for 1960.FormsA2029
Legal Agreement between County of Chemung and Roy's Dairy Inc., of Horseheads, NY.DocumentA2030
From David S. Hurwitz to James E. Personius dated June 24, 1960 regarding architect's comments.LetterA2031
Letter from James E. Personius to Kenneth West dated September 23, 1960 regarding certified copies of resolutions authorizing application for construction. Attached are six (6) copies of Resolution No. 178 dated September 19, 1960.DocumentsA2032
From Kenneth Y. West to David S. Hurwitz dated June 24, 1960 regarding an article in the Advertiser.LetterA2033
From William H. M. Hunt, Director of the Hospital Planning Research, no date regarding the new building.LetterA2034
From Bernice Holcomb to Cameron P. Loomis dated April 4, 1960 regarding County Home and PHI care given in 1959.MemoA2035
From Kenneth Y. West to David S. Hurwitz dated September 22, 1960 regarding a letter dated September 21, 1960 and an anticipated visit. Attaced is the September 21, 1960 letter.LetterA2036
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for March 30, 1960.MinutesA2037
From David S. Hurwitz to Kenneth West dated December 5, 1960 regarding forms to be filled out by December 15, 1960.LetterA2038
Letter from Ray Simmons, President of the Elmira Drug and Chemical Company, Inc. to Cameron Loomis dated May 16, 1960 regarding a wheeled stretcher. Attached is a flyer for the stretcher and handwritten notes.DocumentsA2039
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for May 5, 1960.MinutesA2040
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for March 30, 1960.MinutesA2041
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for Thursday, May 19, 1960.MinutesA2042
From Kenneth West to Mr. Loomis and My. Sydney dated May 25, 1960 regarding a follow-up to the Welfare Committee meeting on May 19, 1960.MemoA2043
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for Thursday June 16, 1960.MinutesA2044
Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, September 13, 1960.MinutesA2045
From Kenneth West to George Sullivan, Chief of the Horseheads Fire Department dated September 15, 1960 regarding the construction of a farm pond. Attached is a letter from Kenneth West to Gerald R. Hall, Chief of the Breesport Fire Department dated September 15, 1960 regarding the construction of a farm pond.LetterA2046
From Kenneth West to Nelson Parks, U.S. Soil Conservation Service dated September 20, 1960 regarding a meeting.MemoA2047
From Kenneth West to Robert A. Boehlecke, Co. Agricultural Agent dated October 21, 1960 regarding the construction of the fire reservoir. Attached are letters to Nelson G. Parks, Robert Gibbs and Lester J. Collson all dated October 21, 1960 regarding the fire resrevoir.LetterA2048
Letter from Kenneth West to Robert A. Boehlecke dated November 22, 1960 regarding the construction of the farm pond. Attached are documents regarding the pond.DocumentsA2049
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