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Collection TitleCL 54 Diven Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button
Date Completed:December 2009
Extent1 Linear Foot

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Letter, To Mr. George M. Diven From B. W. & C. M. Woodward. June 5, 1879. Letter01 1505
Note regarding Paul G. Smith and William Street Pray, no date.Note010101
List of clients of George Diven, attorney. Document010102
Letter, To George Diven Esq. From Henry W. Watson, attorney. Williamsport, Pennsylvania, August 21, 1877. David P. Guise against John Whalen. He'll explain the case to you when he comes to Elmira.Letter010103
Claim filed in the Chemung County Supreme Court in the matter of Emma L. Pattinson vs Hiram Goodyear, July 1, 1878.Document010103
Deed for sale of a plot at the corner of Herrick & Beecher Streets, Elmira, from William D. Miller to John P. Kelly, December 7, 1904.Document010104
Family tree, Lowmans 1750 - 1925Family Tree010105
Deed for sale of land on Beecher Street, Elmira, from William, Frank, Warren & Ralph Miller to John & Sarah Kelly, May 11, 1908.Document010105
Envelope, James C. Peterman vs The Northern Central Railway Company.Envelope010201
Claim for Malt, Cancandiagna Dividsion, with papers relating with cause. Northern Central Railway Company. May 8, 1868. Malt wasn't delivered. Mr. Gulick has been given of Lading W.H.C.Claim010202
Letter, To George M. Dinen, Elmira, New York. From James M. Sheehan, 119-121 Nassau Street, New York. May 20, 1869. Unable to give a reply as Mr. Whitney is out of town. The case of Whitney et-al The Northern Central Railway Company. Letter010203
Document, Supreme Court, Robert Stephens , and ano. against John T. Rathbun, et al. Copy Summons and Complaint, John Schwartz Plaintiff Attorney. September 6, 1879.Document010204
Document, Supreme Court, Thomas B. Whitney And John Cohalan vs The Nothern Central Railway Company. Reference G. M. Diven Attorney, Elmira, New York. May 27, 1869. George M. Diven Defendant Council. Document010204
Document,Thomas B. Whitney and John Cohalan agst The Northern Central Railway Company, "notice of trial". First Monday of June, 1869. To George M. Diven Esq., Attorney for Defendant, Elmira, New York. James M. Sheehan Plaintiffs Attorney, 119-121 Nassau Street, New York CityDocument010205
Letter, To George M. Diven Esq. From James M. Sheehan,5 Tryon Row, New York, September 9, 1868. Received a Summons to appear for the Company.Letter010206
Document, Supreme Court City and County Of New York, Tomas B. Whitney and John Cohalan, against The Northern Central Railway Company. September 10, 1869. Summons, "For money demand on Contract. James M. Sheehan Plaintiffs AttorneyDocument010207
Document, Supreme Court. Thomas B. Whitney and John Cohalan against The Northern Central Railway Company. September 10, 1868 James M. Diven, Attorney for the Defendant to James M. Sheehan Attorney For Plaintiff. Defendant demands a copy of the complaint.Document010208
Document, Supreme Court. Thomas B. Whitney etal against The Northern Central Railway Company. Copy Complaint. James M. Sheehan Plaintiff Attoney 5 Tryon Row, New York. To G.M. Diven Esq., Defendent Attorney, Elmira, New York. September 16, 1868. Document010209
Letter, To G. M. Diven from James M. Sheehan, Plaintiff Attorney 5 Tryon Row, New York. The Complaint that was sent to him. September 16, 1869.Letter010210
Document, To Daniel Gillett, 15 Nassan Street, New York, October 26, 1868. From George M. Diven. He arranged with Mr. James M. Sheehan referring to the Honorable Lucis Robinson, be tried here in New York or to come to Elmira. Supreme Court, Thomas B. Whitney and John Cohalan v The Northern Central RailwayCompany. Document010211
Document, At a Special Term of the Supreme Court held at the City of New York in for the County of New York 1870. Attorney's agreed that said action be referred to Lucius Robinson Esq. town of Southport County of Chemung. Referee to hear and determine the matters of controversy in said action, and report thereon to the court. Thomas B. Whitney and John Cohalan against The Northern Central Railway.Document010212
Letter, to Dan, October 24, 1970. From George M. Diven. He has enclosed a letter about The Thomas B. Whitney v The Northern Central Railway Company.Letter 010213
Letter, To Dan W. Gillett from George M. Diven. Asking him to see that the interest of The Nothern Central Railway are properly protected.Letter010214
Document, At a Special Term of the Supreme Court held in and for the City and County of New York at the Court House in said City on February 14, 1871. Thomas B. Whitney and John Cohalan agst The Northern Central Railway. Reading and filing stepulation in this action be referred to Lucius Robinson Esq., to hear and determind the matters in contsoversy, that the setting of said Referee for the trial of said action to be held in the cities of New York and Elmira.Document010215
Letter, To Daniel W. Gillett Esq. From George M. Diven. March 4, 1875. The old suit of Whitney and Cohalan vs The Nothern Central Railway Company. The case has been noticed for trial. To close the matter a good plan for me to notice the cause for trial, serving notice on James M. Sheehan the Plaintiff Attorney.Letter010216
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