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Collection TitleCL 98 U.S.S. Chemung PapersCreatorBooth Library
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
A mimeographed ten page booklet of USS Chemung memorabilia prepared for the 1981 (July) reunion in Long Island. Booklet05601
Proram booklet of the U.S.S.Chemung AO-30 reunion on July 26 and 27, 1974 at The Read House, Chatanooga,Tennessee. Contains activities, a B&W photo of the ship and menus from 1943 and 1974.Program010101
A cocktail napkin decorated with an anchor and "Chemung, AO-30".Napkin010102
A U.S. Navy envelope commemorating First Day Postal Service of the U.S.S.Chemung,formerly S.S.Esso Annapolis.Envelope010103
Original and one copy of Douglas M.Gross' separation from the U.S.Navy.serving on the U.S.S. Chemung and dated September 10,1965.Document010201
A "Customers' Brochure" from the U.S.S. Chemung AO-30,Capt.Stone,Commanding Officer and LCDR McKay,Executive Officer.Eleven typed pages of the ship's history,description and uses with a diagram of the ship's "underway replenishment stations" and a black and white photo of the Chemung on the cover.Brochure010401
A twenty page typed booklet ,dated 1964 and titled "Informatiom Booklet Subic Bay,Philippines".Contains information about available facilities for naval personnel,do's & don'ts for same,recreational facilities and time schedules, description of tours available.Booklet010501
A twenty-three page typed booklet titled "U.S.S.Chemung(AO-30) Information Yokosuka,Japan 1964".Contains some local history and description of the area with a hand drawn map. Also listings of facilities( and time schedules) available ,including bus and train schedules,to naval personnel.Booklet010502
A sixteen page booklet titled "U.S.S.Chemung(AO-30) Information Booklet Sasebo Japan 1964". A short description of Sasebo, detailed listings of facilities both recreational and military,as well as time schedules for the same, available to naval personnel. Two hand drawn maps:(1) showing curfew areas;(2) street map and location of facilities in "downtown" Sasebo.Booklet010503
A letter of appreciation dated July 30, 1964 from Captain Stone,Commander of the U.S.S.Chemung, to Douglas M.Gross,FTG3,USNR for his contribution to the winning of SERVPAC Battle Efficiency Competition.Letter010601
A sheet containing the daily schedule for the crew of the U.S.S.Chemung and an additional sheet of miscellaneous information about the ship,its travels,consumption by the ship and the crew,etc. by R.McKay,Executive OfficerDocument010701
Copy of letter to Chemung "family" from the Fleet Post Office in San Francisco,dated December 15,1962.Letter010801
Thanksgiving Day Menu from the U.S.S. Chemung listing the items served for dinner and a list of the current staff of the ship.Menu010901
An air mail envelope postmarked March 1, 1965 from D.M.Gross on the Chemung,FPO,San Fran, to Miss Setzer at SUCG in Geneseo,NY.Envelope011001
A large black and white photo of the U.S.S. Chemung traveling through rough seas.Photograph011001
Two black and white aerial photgraphs of the U.S.S. Chemung alongside aircraft carrier 43.Photographs011101
Two large black and white photos of the U.S.S.Chemung at dock side,no location given.Photographs011201
Two eight page typed booklets titled "History of U.S.S.Chemung(AO-30)"Life Line Of The Fleet". Our Motto: "You Call,We Haul".Booklets011301
A membership card in the NRA for Douglas Gross on the U.S.S.Chemung dated December 5,1964.Membership Card011401
A California Driver's License issued to Douglas M.Gross, dated May 5,1965,expires on birthday(August 4) in 1967.Driver's License011501
Two membership cards issued to Douglas Gross of the U.S.S.Chemung for the "Domain of the Golden Dragon.Ruler of the 180th Meridian",dated July 23,1964.Membership Cards011601
A picture post card from Douglas Gross in Sacramento,dated March 23,1964,postmarked on the U.S.S.Chemung to Cheryl Setzer in Elmira,NY.Post Card011802
Black and white photo taken at he Sampaguita Club,Subic Bay,Phillipines of F.A.Zaltankie and D.M. Gross(in naval uniform) dated 1964.Photograph011901
Black and white photo of Seamen Gross, Hill and Byrd with Asian waitress at the Union Jack Club in Hong Kong December 30,1964.Photograph011902
Black and white photo of Seamen AR Smith,Rosetti,T.L.Malone and D.Gross in Subic Bay,Phillipines,Fallof 1964.Photograph011903
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