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Collection TitleCL 152 Nichols Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin
Date Completed:July 2015
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by Lauren Caister and Seth Caister-Rivera in 2014. 
Terms:Genealogy--Nichols Family; Horseheads (N.Y.); Southport (N.Y.)
Historical:Nichols Family - Samuel Draper, originally of Vermont, settled in New York State in the 1790s.  His sons, Draper and Nathan B. Nichols (d. 1904), settled in Southport.  Nathan and his wife Ann owned several tracks of land in the towns of Southport and Horseheads and were engaged in tobacco farming.  Their children included Mrs. Harriet Whitaker, Mrs. Katherine Carpenter and N. Burr Nichols. 
Scope:The Nichols Family Papers include family financial and land transaction records, 1786-1909, as well as receipts associated with the Estate of Robert S. Perine, 1859-1868. 
Notes:Shares a box with CL 153 - Collson/Lockner Collection.
Extent.5 Linear Feet
Date Span1786-1909
AbstractThis collection contains Nichols family financial and land transaction records, 1786-1909. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Deed for lands purchased by Samuel & Edward Nichols from Samuel Dutton in the town of Dummerston, Vermont, September 25, 1786. DeedA0101
(10) Receipts for monies paid by Samuel Nichols to various people, 1793-1796.ReceiptsA0102
(3) Receipts for Samuel Nichols' payment of taxes to the overseer of the poor of Bainbridge, New York, 1896. ReceiptsA0103
(8) Receipts and invoices for monies owned by Samuel Nichols to various people in Bainbridge and Jericho, New York, 1802-1817. DocumentsA0201
Deed for the sale of land in the village of Elmira, New York, from Isaac and Elizabeth Bellangee of Philadelphia to Jacob Ridgeway, September 9, 1836.DeedA0301
Deed for the sale of a parcel of land in the village of Elmira from Samuel Partridge to Draper & Nathan Nichols of Southport, May 20, 1841. DocumentsA0302
Mortgage & Bond for $3000 between Samuel Partridge and Draper & Nathan Nichols of Southport, May 20, 1841.DocumentsA0303
(2) Invoices for monies owed by Samuel Nichols to Perry & Kingsbury and Nathan Boynton, 1843-1844. InvoicesA0304
Deed for the sale of land in the town of Southport from Simeon Benjamin and his wife Sarah to James H. Arnot, November 2, 1844, with certificate confirming the sale, September 17, 1849. DocumentsA0305
Land grant issued by the State of New York to Lewis Miller giving him a lot number 108 in the Town of Chemung, November 8, 1847. DocumentA0306
Application for a pension of behalf of Samuel Nichols of the Town of Southport, September 4, 1850, with receipt for filing fees. DocumentA0401
Blank summons order form from the town of Southport, County of Chemung, ca. 1860s. DocumentA0402
Receipt for monies owed to the Elmira Collegiate Seminary by Nathan B. Nichols, August 21, 1854. ReceiptA0403
Receipt for monies paid to E. Covell & Co. by Nathan B. Nichols in payment of mortgage, April 30, 1860.ReceiptA0404
Map of the property line between lots 105 owned by Draper & Nathan Nichols and lot 108 owned by Samuel Corner in the Town of Southport with explanatory narrative, October 30, 1857. DocumentA0405
Deed for the sale of a parcel of land in the town of Southport from Abraham R. Lawrence to Draper Nichols, July 15, 1859.DocumentA0406
Deed for the sale of Lots 102 and 428 in the Town of Southport from Draper Nichols to Nathan Nichols, April 30, 1860.Document A0407
Deed for the sale of a parcel of land in the Town of Southport from Mrs. Martha M. Miller to Nathan B. Nichols, June 10, 1867. DocumentA0408
Deed for the sale of a parcel of land in the Town of Horseheads from Samuel D. Westlake to John F. Westlake with extended description of the property, December 21, 1855.DocumentA0409
Satisfaction of mortgage between John Janson and Draper Nichols, January 26, 1872. DocumentA0501
Check paid to Nathan B. Nichols by Cornell & Decker, January 1, 1876. CheckA0502
Assignment of mortgage from R. Cornell to Nathan B. Nichols, January 11, 1876.DocumentA0503
Deed for the sale of land in the Town of Chemung from Mary J. Buck to Nathan B. Nichols, July 1, 1878.DocumentA0504
Abstract of title for a parcel of land in the Town of Chemung owned by Mary J. Buck, covers from 1841 to 1878. DocumentA0505
Correspondence between Nathan B. Nichols and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York regarding the Westlake mortgages, March 7-December 8, 1879. CorrespondenceA0506
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