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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 09 Dr. T. H. Squires CollectionCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Manuscript on titled "Military Surgery" by Dr. T. H. Squire. He wrote about treatment of the wounded at various Civil War battles. Use the names of the wounded.ManuscriptA0101
A diagram of the arrangement of a Division Hospital; numbered listing of what was located where. Dated March 11, 1865.DocumentA0102
Medical case history review of a patient of Dr. Chulbreck by Dr. T. H. Squires.DocumentA0103
Case history of treatment of Edward Updyke of Horseheads by Dr. T. H. Squire. Dated August 26, 1888.DocumentA0104
Dr. T. H. Squire's treatment of a Mrs. B., age 31 on June 19th of unkown year.DocumentA0105
Review in 1888 by Dr. T. H. Squire of Dr. Weys' essay on the Acute Obstruction of the Bowels.DocumentA0106
Consultation notes regarding Dr. Weys' patient, Mrs. McQuane. Dated September 5, 1883. DocumentA0107
Improved Splint for Fractures at or near the Elbow Joint by T. H. Squire, M. D.EssayA0108
Concussion of the Spine Essay, read before the Elmira Academy of Medicine, July 5,1870 by T. H. Squire, M. D. Refers to a Supreme Court case of Daniel Lyon of Binghamton against the NY & Erie RR for damages which occured by the terrible accident at Carr's Rock in May 1868.EssayA0109
Dr. T. H. Squire's case history of Simeon Lever, March 18, 1882.DocumentA0110
"Antiseptic Surgery" by Dr. Merchant., June 1885. Review by T. H. Squire, M. D. on June 16, 1885.EssayA0111
"Major Ampulation" "Important Rules in Regards to" essay by T. H. Squire, June 19, 1888.EssayA0112
April 1883 paper by Dr. Squire which was read before the Academy of Medicine regarding a paper read by Dr. Davidson the previous meeting regarding fractures and a differnce of opinions. DocumentA0113
An essay written by Dr. T. H. Squire regarding "Synovitis" which is of the large joints of the human body.EssayA0114
Dr. T. H. Squire's March 16, 1887 case history of F. W. Webster's injury in a RR accidentDocumentA01 15
Essay on Ethics, Manners and they relate to the Medical profession.EssayA0116
Letter dated December 16, 1882 from T. H. Squire to Editor of the Record. Pertains to the "Courtesy in Medical Discussions".LetterA0117
The subject of this essay by Dr. Squire was in reply to a paper read by Dr. Warkins on "Life" at the previous meeting of the Academy of Medicine in Elmira.EssayA0118
Essay in 1885 by T. H. Squire on "Cholera."EsayA0119
Essay by T. H. Squire dated Sept. 1877 on the "Etiology of Typhoid Fever. Read at the Chemung Co. Medical Society.EssayA0120
Essay by T. H. Squire dated Sept. 1877 on the "Etiology of Typhoid Fever. Read at the Chemung Co. Medical Society.EssayA0120
Gunshot of Artery, Gangrine of the leg, Amputation above the knee by T. H. Squire, June 16, 1885EssayA0121
Dr. T. H. Squire's consultation on Charles Adams per request of Dr. C. W. Brown, November 6, 1885.DocumentA0122
Shooting of President Garfield; read before the Medical Academy by T. H. SquireEssayA0123
The Brotherhoos of Physicians; The Objects and Benefits of Medical Societies. Read at the Medical Society of Tioga, Co., PA in the 1880's by T. H. Squire.EssayA0124
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