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Collection TitleMC 38 Rufus Stanley CollectionCreator
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Four receipts from the Horseheads Post Office for P.O.Box Rental, from December 1907 to June 1908.Receiptts011601
Letter: dated February 10, 1939 from Charles E. Potter, U.S. Department of Agriculture,Cooperative Extension, to Albert Hoefer, Ass't State Club Leader, N.Y.S. College of Agriculture,Ithaca with information on the earlylife of Rufus Stanley.LetterA0101
One typed sheet with statistics and information regarding the "Omega Club" founded by Rufus Stanley.DocumentA0102
A typed one sheet titled: part of an article "From a pamphlet, a Century of Public Education in Elmira, N.Y., 1845-1945", about Rufus Stanley and his involvement in 4-H and the YMCADocumentA0103
A one page typed biography of Rufus Stanley, 1859 to 1926.DocumentA0104
One typed sheet: statistics on Rufus Stanley's death certificate.DocumentA0105
Newsletter: "Extension Service News", dated July 1926, with a picture and article about Rufus Stanley on the event of his passing July 8, 1926.NewsketterA0106
One sheet, hand written, biography of Rufus Stanley.DocumentA0108
Newspaper clipping: death notice of Mrs. Rufus Stanley on March 13, 1935.Newspaper clippingA0108
Three page typed story about Rufus Stanley and his boys' club, later to become The 4H Club. Attached is another typed page of a Biography of Mr. Stanley.DocumentA0109
Copy(typed) of a short article from the Buffalo Express, sated November 14, 1886, about Rufus Stanley becoming manager of the Elmira, YMCA.DocumentA0110
A one page typed article about Rufus Stanley and all the clubs he organized, and some biographical material about Mr. Stanley.DocumentA0111
Letter: dated May 15, 1939: from C.E. Potter, Agriculturist, to Mrs. John Rowan of Washington,D.C., saying that local files do not contain any information about Rufus Stanley's early years(prior to 1920).LetterA0112
Typed article about Rufus Stanley(no date),with a report of his funeral, organizaation reps attending and an editorial fromthe Star Gazette about Mr. Stanley.DocumentA0113
Typed one page biography of Rufus Stanley with specific dates, prepared by Stanley Memorial Association for the C.C.H.S. Meeting on April 22, 1958, all present received a copy.DocumentA0114
Typed partial copy of a newspaper article of Rufus Stanley and "a party of sixty-five" visiting the Department of Agriculture on April 11(No year but it was during Coolidge's term of office), and some of their activities, page or two(?) missing.DocumentA0115
Letter: dated February 20, 1939 from Gertrude L. Warren,Organization,4-H Club Work, to Albert Hoefer of Ithaca,recounting her experiences accompanying Mr. Stanley and his club members on sight-seeing trips around D.C. over the years, with some details about Mr. Stanley's promotion of the candle lighting ceremony.LetterA0116
A fourteen page typed transcript of tape recording made at a C.C.H.S. Meeting on Aoril 22, 1958, devoted primarily to Rufus Stanley and the clubs he created.DocumentA0116
Letter: dated November 13, 1953, from O.C. Ferris, Schering Corp., Bloomfield, N.J. to Mrs. Alma Fletcher of Elmira; enclosures: a check for membership in Stanley Memorial Assoc., list of Omega Club members when Mr. Ferris was president(returned), a booklet describing the working of the old Omega Club(returned), original manila envelope attached.LetterA0201
A hand written list of Charter Members: Stanley Memorial, 1953.DocumentA0202
Flyer/Letter: announcing the formation of the Rufus Stanley Memorial Association, dated ovember 5, 1953 and giving the slate of officers,purpose, dues,etc.Flyer/LetterA0203
Letter dated April 14, 1959, from the Stanley memorial Association to Friends and Members, announcing that the Rufus Stanley Centennial will be held at Stanley Woods, June 14, 1959, also a list of acomplishments and happenings of the association.LetterA0204
Typed, seven page article/speech by Rufus Stanley titled " The Rambling - Omega - Achievement Clubs": history, activities and members' names, latest number of members, no date for speech.DocumentA0205
Typed biography of Rufus Stanley(one page) prepared for C.C.H.S. Meeting April 22, 1958. DocumentA0207
Typed Document: two pages, Stanley Memorial Association, dated September 10, 1954, to Friends and Members, annoncing second annual meeting.DocumentA0209
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