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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

To search the Manuscript Index for a specific research topic, please enter the term into the Search Library Box below. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Dated August 21, 1841, rec'd of E. Munson for Thomas Drum, ten dollars.Receipt0912
Orval Butler Collection - Speech given at the Alumni Banquet by Orval T. Butler, August 19, 1921.Document010101
Orval Butler Collection - 'The Organization and Function of the Local and the State Departments of Education,' essay by Orval Butler, March 1929. Document010102
Orval Butler Collection - 'Education & a National Awakening,' lecture on the history of Mexico, by Orval Butler with newspaper clipping describing the event, June 16, 1929. Document010103
Orval Butler Collection - Speech given by Orval Butler at the Van Etten Alumni meeting, 1929.Document010104
Orval Butler Collection - 'The Development of the Elementary School and the Elementary School Principalship in Elmira,' essay by Orval Butler, 1930. (2 versions, both with cover letters)Document010105
Orval Butler Collection - Speech by Orval Butler given to the Traffic Club of the Association of Commerce about the history of highways, November 19, 1931. Document010106
Orval Butler Collection - Speech given by Orval Butler in Van Etten, December 4, 1938. Document010107
Orval Butler Collection - 'Better Citizenship as a Way to Happiness & Success," speech by Orval Butler given to the YMCA.Document010108
Orval Butler Collection - Essay on the history of education by Orval Butler. Document010109
Orval Butler Collection - Essay on immigration policy by Orval Butler, ca. 1930s. Document010110
Orval Butler Collection - Fragments of speeches given by Orval Butler on marriage and George Washington. Documents010111
Orval Butler Collection - Collection of poetry by Orval Butler. Documents010112
Orval Butler Collection - Letter from Orval Butler to Mr. Rowe concerning the causes of fear, December 9, 1931. Letter010113
Orval Butler Collection - Letter from Elwin Johnston to C.W. Stewart concerning a lecture by Orval Butler, March 26, 1935.Letter010114
Orval Butler Collection - United States Passport issued to Orval T. Butler, 1931. Passport010115
Dated September 13, 1839 and signed by Thomas Cramer(?) and David Burt to pay by February first next, the sum of thirty-three dollars with interest to Reuben Nershine(?).Folder is titled "Israel Parshall Burt".Promissory Note010701
With one cent postage,postmarked "April",year illegible ,sent to Bentley Creek,Pa.,name and reverse unreadable except for signature which appears to be H(or N?)apeman. Folder is titled Israel Parshall Burt,Postcard010702
Marriage Certificate of Mark Burnham & Ella Madge Sayre,January 8, 1913,signed by Rev. C.H.Manning.Signatures of guests.Booklet010801
Dated April 2,1951, for $35.80, cemetery lot #108 with perpetual care, Mark and Ella Burnham.Receipt010802
Military commission of Silas Wright, dated Albany,June 20, 1845.Attached is the commission of David Howel(sic) Burnham dated July 10, 1845 and signed by Colonel H.C.Wells. There is a brief explanation of David's lineage at the bottom.Document010803
Handwritten one plus pages,geneaology of the Burnham Family from the early 1600's to the 1820's.Document010803
Hand written and assembled by Edwin Munson, dated July 15, 1862,titled "The Stdents Offering",(edited by Jennie Deister(?).Booklet010901
From Edwin Munson, titled "Day-Book, Book-Keeping By Single and Double Entry" published by Crosby Nichols & Company.Boston.Beginning entry dated January 1, 1858,Boston.Booklet010902
Coverless booklet from the Edwin Munson folder, appears to be exercises in penmanship.Booklet010903
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