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Upcoming Exhibits

Bank Gallery

The Towns and Villages of Chemung County

Chemung County, as it is today, is the product of centuries of history.  Each town and village within the county has its own unique past.  This rotating exhibit will tell the histories of the towns and villages and of their people.


Schedule of Exhibits:

Horseheads – July 2014
Erin – February 2015
Chemung – August 2015
Elmira – February 2016
Big Flats – August 2016
Southport – February 2017
Catlin – August 2017
Veteran – February 2018
Millport – August 2018
Van Etten – February 2019
Baldwin – August 2019
Ashland – February 2020
Wellsburg – August 2020
Elmira Heights – February 2021


Howell Gallery

At the Jewish Table: Heritage, Food, and Family in Elmira

“At the Jewish Table” is an exhibit inspired by the Elmira Jewish Community’s most well-known public event, the Jewish Food Festival (to be held April 15, 2018).  The festival is not only an opportunity to cook and share favorite Jewish foods, it is also an expression of the long history of Elmira’s Jewish community. This exhibit invites you to explore the migration and evolution of Elmira’s Jewish community into and through the city, its influence on the city’s trade, and the traditions of the table which have bound Elmira’s Jews together across cultures, congregations, families, and neighborhoods.


This exhibit was created in partnership with The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

Visit the exhibit's companion website here: At the Jewish Table


On Display: April-September 2018